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When I was in my twenties, newly married with a new career in broadcasting, I thought I was an expert in multi-tasking, especially when I compared myself to my husband. Let’s just say I had an inflated view of myself. Fast forward twenty years and I am now juggling house work, three kids schedules, a new career as a small business owner, volunteer work, and oh yeah, lets throw a blog in there too. What was I thinking? Even a multi-tasking extraordinaire couldn’t handle this.   At this stage of my life I’m beginning to realize my limitations. I keep thinking, “I can’t do all of this.”

Well as it turns out, the thing I have let slide the most is this little blog. I started off with good intent, just like I had good intent to do some gardening this Spring, here’s how that panned out.



The thing is, the blog is so little right now that it’s been easy to ignore. Unfortunately as everyone knows, it’s the little things, babies, puppies, seedlings, that actually need the most care and attention. Being little doesn’t make something easier, so my little blog has suffered neglect.


If you have been following me on Facebook you’ve seen all that I have been up to with my business. I have definitely been learning and growing as a shop owner over at Sweet Clover Barn and on Etsy.


This past month has been especially busy for me. Not only did I take the church youth group on a weekend retreat and co-chair our school’s book fair, I also set up shop in the cottage at Sweet Clover for the May sale.



I’ve gotta say, I really enjoyed the process and the end results of my work in the cottage. I received a lot of positive feedback and had my best sale to date.


It certainly was a good weekend for me to sell tables. I sold the beautiful French table, a pine farmhouse table, a cherry drum table, a folding rolling metal table, a potting bench, and a lot topiaries and small pieces. The ironstone and some other vintage pieces will make it into my Etsy shop this week.


As for my little blog, I plan on giving it some much needed daily attention. I know it won’t be easy, but a learning process. Why even this morning, while I was writing this, I learned something. Our puppy, Bentley,

Untitled design (3)


did this

Untitled design (4)


and it dawned on me that I need to be less harsh on myself. Juggling all the parts of my life can be challenging , but I need to remember that they do all happen to be “little” at the same time.



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