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As I write today, I am nestled in my blue floral wing chair next to the fireplace in the family room.  There is a light snow falling which should reach nearly 3 feet in accumulation by tomorrow evening.  There is something very settling about knowing that you don’t need to run out anywhere.  These days I am always having to shuffle a kid somewhere or pick up something at the store or drop something off at the post office.  I am relishing the thought of three days without these usual demands and time to spend with my family and on some long awaited projects.




Today I am starting a series that will feature a little tour of our home in the suburbs outside of Washington, D.C.  I hope you will find it insightful and inspiring (and let’s be honest, who doesn’t like to snoop and see someone else’s house).


We purchased our home in 2001 when I was pregnant with my second child.  We fell in love with the house primarily because our good friends lived right down the street. I wasn’t looking for a “dream home.”  I hadn’t really ever given that much thought.  Up until that point, we had lived in townhouses that we rented from friends, so I was happy just having a place of our own.  We walked through it a couple times and I loved the light filled rooms and open floor plan and especially the proximity to our friends, so we bought it.


I’ll save a longer discussion on dream homes for another post, because I want to get to the first room on the tour: our family room.  This room is in the back of the house and is open to the kitchen with a step down and bookcase separating them.  It is a nice sunny room with four floor-to-ceiling windows with transoms and western exposure.





I have thought about finding a nice white color to repaint the walls, as this salmon color was on the walls when we moved in, but each time I bring this up my family persuades me not to make the change.  I did swap out some aging Hunter Douglas blinds this past year for some bamboo roman shades that I purchased at Lowe’s and I couldn’t be happier.


Slip Covered Chair and Nana's stool
Slip Covered Chair and Nana’s stool


I also made slip covers for our couches and a wing chair.  The wing chair was a hand me down.  We purchased the couches when we were first married.  I still liked the shape, but the white damask fabric just wasn’t my thing anymore.  I used drop cloths and followed an online tutorial.  I really loved the look and the practicality and in fact, these projects were what started me down the road of starting my own business.


Gallery Wall


I added the gallery wall a couple years ago after my dad gifted me the two seaside prints.  I decided to keep the theme going as a nod to my mother’s side of the family who came from New Bedford, MA.  In fact my great-great grandfather was a whaling captain.  My daughter bought me the whale print which is actually the entire script of Moby Dick in tiny print.  The larger prints were already in gold frames, so I added some black frames to keep things grounded and to tie them into the room.


I hope you have enjoyed the little tour.   There are more pictures to peruse if you click on the “Our Home” button.   Now I think I have some shoveling to do!




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